BEST Christmas Present EVER….


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We don’t just sell flowers in our lovely store in Clontarf – we are always on the hunt for extra special gifts – and our exclusive card and picture supplier – Puddles & Belle – have come up trumps this Christmas for those of us who have friends and family abroad.  Each beautifully framed picture is hand made – because one side of the heart is a map of where YOU are, with the other side of the map is where your FRIENDS or FAMILY are – super special gift for those of us who have friends abroad and we want to tell them how much we miss them.  The following words finish this gift to perfection… (and we can substitute Friends for Family by the way….)

True Friends are never apart

maybe in distance but never in heart

If you would like to order one, please Add To Order and purchase as normal – we will contact you via email so that we can gather the correct details. We just love it……. xx